Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Blast from The Past: The Origin of Washing Machines

The chronological invention of washing machine is an interesting piece of information that takes us back to the time when our ancestors really used put in much efforts and hard work to wash their clothes by using scrub/brush, soap and water, near a lake or river. Then came the mechanical machines and finally it took a turn to laundry online. From washing clothes to sheets and curtains, though the laundry services nowadays are pretty efficient in satisfying their customers with quality washing at affordable price, but it is still exciting to know the origin of washing machines:

Scrub board washing machine

Invented for the first time in 1797, the scrub board washing machine made use of a plank with defined structures on it, half dipped in a container of water and detergent that enabled people to rub their clothes against the board. It was usually a time taking process which required much labour to keep brushing clothes till they are clean. There was no automatic water inlet so it had to be poured in and drained off manually. In the absence of running water at home, the entire machine had to be carried near water bodies. This was the basic model of washing machine which opened the doors of inspiration for future.

Rotary washing machine

In 1858, with the world advancing towards being mechanization, the rotary washing machine was invented that moved on rotary with just a press of button.  It put an end to hard work to wash clothes as it used to work automatically. Though electricity was not commonly available during that time, this machine worked on gasoline engine which made the whole washing process a little slower but energy saving.

Advancement of rotary washing machine

Back in 1874, as a birthday present to his wife, William Blackstone of Indiana built a machine that was convenient enough for the household purpose. It can be called as an advanced version of rotary washing machine that easily removed dirt from clothes.

The Thor

Introduced in 1908, the Thor was the first washing machine that ran on electricity and had an electric motor in it. Since then, washing machines became a necessity of each household as they could wash tons of clothes in little time and fewer efforts.

Modern day washing machines 

From semi automatic to fully automatic, the market is flooded with different kind of washing machines that are completely automatic in nature, but still, people don’t have time in these busy schedules, therefore, they wisely choose laundry online and outsource their laundry.

Thus, washing had been a tough task since the beginning, but now it’s the simplest of things one can think of. 


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